2020 has been a strange year for everyone - including us wedding photographers. Most weddings have been postponed or canceled. We are happy, however, to report that there were still some bright spots in the year! Chelsea and Amy decided to push ahead through a myriad of obstacles to make this day happen. Oh, and it was well worth the effort! Despite some family members being stuck in the UK and not able to attend and other family members able to come but not willing, these two beautiful souls pressed on in faith and love. And they were not alone. Surrounded by such a strong sense of support and solidarity, they spoke vows, cried tears, served chili, drank wine and shared stories into the late October night. We were lucky to be a witness on this day. And that is really all we were. We did not say anything, we just watched and clicked away as the beauty of love and life unfolded itself right before our eyes. Thanks for having us Chelsea and Amy, we are with you and for you!